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TWD: A New Frontier

“It takes me back to being a kid reading choose-your-own-adventure books”.


  • Graphics/Comic Book Art Style
  • Storyline
  • Comparing Your Choices to Others


  • Reply speed a bit too fast
  • Lack of options to point you in the right direction
  • Coarse language

To be honest when I was first asked about this game I was very hesitant to play it and do a review on it. People normally do not ask me to do reviews for I DO NOT sugar coat it and I will not like a game just to keep people happy so I can continue doing them, I will tell you how I feel about a game 100%. With that said, I have not played the first two seasons of this series, I have just jumped into this one so let me tell you my thoughts….

I’m not a fan of cartoon/comic book-esque graphics. I’m more into realistic, photographic visuals, and being a PC gamer I demand it more since the hardware can run higher quality graphics. TWD: A New Frontier uses the cartoon/comic book aesthetic that I mentioned, but yet I listed as a like? I like it because the art style fits the game so well. It takes me back to being a kid reading choose-your-own-adventure books; the game seems to capture that feeling so well for me. Hence why it’s part of what I Iiked about this game, not because I’m a general fan of this look in games.

The story really had me sitting on the edge of my seat and left me wanting to see what was going to happen next. I was left wanting more at the end of every episode which offered some heart pounding moments throughout. Feeling an emotional attachment to each character that evolves over the course of this season is fantastic.

The downsides of this game were the speed in which you had to answer some of the responses, which I understand but at times I did not know when an option was coming up and didn’t even have time to read the options they put up. There was also some options that it may not have given to you so it could steer you in the direction they wanted it to go, i.e.; being asked a “yes” or “no” question without the option to offer a binary response. So it was a little frustrating. The language is also a bit much for me. I grew up around swearing so it was never a big deal, but at times I feel the it is a little too much throughout the course of the game.

With all that said, TWD: A New Frontier is a really great game. So much so that my stream and I have even talked about picking up the first 2 seasons of the series. I am really glad that I took this project on and was able to get to play TWD: ANF. I enjoyed my time with this game and would recommend giving it a play.

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