Resident Evil 7 Review | Welcome Back

Resident Evil 7

“RE7┬áreally brought back that feeling I got the first time I played the original Resident Evil on PlayStation”.


  • Amazing visuals/atmosphere
  • Sound/Voice Acting
  • Intriguing story


  • Main game time is slightly short
  • Minor plot holes

Welcome back to Resident Evil! If you’re a RE fan like myself, and have been waiting for the series to get back to its survival horror roots, the wait is finally over. The action of recent titles is replaced with tension and fear, just like the good ol’ days. Limited ammo and supplies, item management, and a gripping storyline riddled with twists and turns is all in this newest installment. Doors are locked by intricate locks requiring corresponding keys, shadow puzzles, familiar item storage boxes and retro save system are all present. This one really brought back that feeling I got the first time I played the original RE on PlayStation.

The sound alone is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Hear floorboards flex as you walk on them, doors slam from down the hall, rain hitting the window panes, the creatures moans and growls are unnerving and unsettling. Its truly a visual/audio masterpiece.

The controls are nicely done as well. Gunplay is solid, and the item combining system is more involved, as you can create different ammo types and weapons. The first-person perspective adds a ton to the immersion and is definitely a welcome change, but those that aren’t fans of jump scares or explicit violence may want to steer clear.

The only way this game could get any better is to play it in VR, which is the ultimate way to play. It’s INCREDIBLE! It’s a great showing of how well the PSVR handles a AAA title of a beloved franchise. Anyone that is looking for a top notch Resident Evil experience should pick this one up asap. Both old school veterans and series newcomers will not be disappointed.


A Gamer from the Old School, IMMORT4LinCHRIST is a true 8-bit Warrior; cutting his teeth on the Sega Master System! IMMORT4LinCHRIST is the owner of the PlayStation Community 'Christian Gamers Union' [CGU], as well as a proud Christian, Husband, and Father.