Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review | Infinite Disappointment

“Modern Warfare Remastered is the spare tire of nostalgia which Infinite Warfare drives upon as a storied, yet memorable franchise runs out of gas”.


  • Great Single Player Campaign
  • Amazing Visuals
  • PS VR Support
  • 4K Support
  • Best Zombie Mode yet?


  • Lack of players online
  • No leaderboards/combat record
  • Great Value Version of Black Ops 3
  • Poorly designed Maps

Final Thoughts

Call of Duty is back at it again with another futuristic addition to their franchise. I honestly expected a lot from the developers at Infinity Ward, but once again like Call of Duty Ghosts it let me down, and I feel really disappointed in this game.

The single player campaign was a lot different from the past ones. You can choose to follow the standard story path, or you can choose to do side missions. The game gives the player the choice on what to do. The graphics are amazing as always, and you’re in luck if you have a PS4 Pro! It renders at 2160p resolution. If you have the VR you can download the Jackal VR ship assault for free on the PS Store.

As far as the multiplayer goes which a lot of people including myself look forward to every year. I just felt let down, and just disappointed. I felt like this was a Great Value version of Black Ops 3, and it’s definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.  This game is heavily microtransactions based which is no surprise to anyone at this point, and the rate at which you earn keys, or even the new currency to unlock weapon variants is very slow. You have to grind a lot to really get a good amount of keys, or salvage. I find myself noticing that a lot of players quitting mid game, and lobbies aren’t really full like they have been back in the day.  The multiplayer maps have little to no map flow, and are chaotic. It reminds me of the Call of Duty Ghosts map design with multiple corridors, and not to mention the spawns are also horrible. The game has been out for 2 months and they don’t even have the combat record, or leaderboards up. That’s something that is always is up on launch day, but to my surprise it hasn’t been up.

Zombies in this game is a load of fun. It takes you back to the 80’s where you can play as 1 of 4 unique characters. In a way, it’s different than Treyarch’s zombies. There are carnival games that you can play that let you get tickets for you to purchase items that you can get to complete the easter egg, or if you just want to use them. I kind of found zombies to be more colourful and vibrant than the dull, grey colour palette that Treyarch has used. There are still a lot of features which Infinity Ward has borrowed from Treyarch’s zombies and implemented into this entry.

To sum it all up, I don’t think Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is worth the money, even for Modern Warfare Remastered. I say wait until Activision decides to release MWR separately. I really hope this is the last Call of Duty set in the future. I would also like to see them go back to the old boots on the ground approach as well. I think that if they make these changes it will bring many people back to the Call of Duty fold.  But for now, Black Ops 3 will be holding me over until the next instalment in the franchise.


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A new-school gamer with some old-school roots, Srom got his start on the Sega Genesis and never looked back. He enjoys FPS's, 3rd Person Action Adventure games, and the occasional RPG.

  • NeonGeorg

    – Great Value Version of Black Ops 3”

    I lol’d, that was pretty spot-on!

  • Mike Kelly

    Any game that comes out every single year is destined to fail. Theyre out of ideas, and have been for years. And to say it has VR support because it has a tacked-on 5 min VR ‘mission’ is a bit of a stretch. You were a bit too generous imo. But good review Srom.