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TitanFall 2

“The defining FPS experience of this console generation”.


  • Meaningful and enjoyable single player campaign
  • Great visuals and art style
  • Good voice acting
  • Most refined and customizable console FPS controls, to-date. Silky-smooth.
  • Best Online Competitive FPS experience, ever.
  • Online game modes offer something for everyone
  • Free DLC


  • Limited Titan Weapon Loadout Customization
  • TitanFall 3 has yet to be announced

Final Thoughts

I can’t say enough about this game. The single player campaign owes a lot to Half-Life 2 with it’s mix of gunplay, platforming and puzzles. In a lot of ways the single player campaign is like a love-letter to Valve’s masterpiece and it’s episodes. BT7274 (the game’s lovable titan) is very Dog-like and even shares a similar moment where he is throwing the player over a casym as Dog did in Half-Life 2 Ep:1, a history lesson in gaming for the uninitiated.

There are still more HL2 parallels to draw to TF2’s single player campaign but it’s not these nods to the FPS classic that make it a great experience in its own right.

Now onto the multiplayer. The multiplayer is everything you love(d) (and so much more) about CoD without any of the turnoffs. It’s competitive, but not antagonistic. Fun, enjoyable, and rage-free even when you’re losing. Leave it to the team of geniuses behind CoD MW 1 & 2 at Respawn to raise the bar and create the next level in the competitive FPS genre.

It seems as though whether you’re winning or losing online you’re almost constantly leveling, unlocking and being rewarded with new weapons, customizations for your pilot, titan, and weapons. The game is almost entirely all carrot and no stick, all fun and no grind and that’s a massive accomplishment within the FPS genre of gaming.

With Titanfall 2 Respawn seem to have innovated so far ahead of it’s competitors (Call Of Duty, Battlefield) in all areas that it’s almost embarrassing. The game is a joy to play in every sense and above all it’s just a lot of FUN; a concept that seems to be on the decline in gaming as the era of gritty-realism is ushered in.

Lastly, I have a great deal of respect for the folks at Respawn for offering all future DLC for FREE. That’s right, people, I said “FREE”. Yes, there are some paid DLC for cosmetic purposes but as far as map packs go, they are free and the team has already released a new map for the game with more to surely come!

TitanFall 2 is a nearly flawless game and it stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

Get this game now. You won’t regret it.


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A life-long gaming enthusiast, StynClsy can still remember a time when "Here Comes A New Challenger" meant you could turn to your side and actually see your opponent face to face at the arcade!

  • NeonGeorg

    I started the story just before christmas, and have not had the opportunity to continue since, but I look forward to do so in a couple of days. I really agree that the multiplayer is all about the fun, but to me it feels just a bit too empty: I’d love to get to use more weapons and equipment and things like that. But for the 30 I bought it for, it was definitely worth it!

    One thing troubles me, though. Whenever I read the abbreviation TF2, I instantly think of Team Fortress 2 (not Titanfall 2), and this may be confusing at times..

    • Thank you for reading and commenting! TF2 isnt confusing beccause no one plays Team Fortress 2 anymore! Lol!

      • PC Master

        A fair amount of people still play Team Fortress 2.

        • LOL! Love to play the “contrarian”? I enjoy it sometimes too. I didn’t mean that literally nobody plays Team Fortress 2 anymore. I meant it figuratively.

  • Mike Kelly

    Campaign is brutal! Being the completionist that I am, I always start on the hardest difficulty from the get-go. Needless to say, I have yet to complete ch 1. Im looking forward to getting back to this one!