Weekly Wrap-Up 12.18.16 “Under The Weather”

Weekly Wrap-Up

Srom and StynClsy are back with this week’s wrap up!


  1. id Software Explains Why Doom 4 Was Cancelled
  2. Phantom Squad DDOS claim takes PSN down December 12
  3. No Man’s Sky Makes Story Updates and Patch Notes
  4. No Man’s Sky Bigger Space Battles Patch 
  5. Nintendo Switch Debut Event Scheduled for January 
  6. Modern Warfare Remastered Women Players Update
  7. Dishonoured 2 New Game Plus Patch
  8. Ubisoft Free PC Games Download
  9. How To Create a Japanese PSN Account and Get Free Games Guide
  10. Street Fighter 5 Punishes Quitters in a Creative Way

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