Weekly Wrap-Up 12.4.16 “Double Feature”

Weekly Wrap-Up

StynClsy, Srom, and IMMORT4LinCHRIST make up for lost time and bring an extra helping of gaming news as they wrap-up the last two weeks of gaming news. So much to discuss, let’s get it started!

11.27.16 News Stories

  1. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer Shows Freedom of Choice to Accomplish the Mission
  2. Ubisoft: No more ‘compulsory’ DLC will be sold for our games
  3. Titanfall 2’s first free DLC drops Nov. 30
  4. System Shock Remake Delayed Until 2018
  5. Demon’s Souls Is the Best PS3 Game of All Time on Famitsu Survey; TLOU Follows – Full Top 30 Inside
  6. No Man’s Sky ‘Foundation Update’ is coming soon


12.4.16 News Stories

  1. Ark Survival Evolved PS4 Releases On December 6; Survivor’s Pack PS4 Exclusive Content Detailed
  3. Last Free Ubisoft PC Game Revealed, Here’s When and How You Can Get It
  4. PlayStation Communities iOS, Android App Released For PS4 Gamers
  5. The Game Awards’ YouTube archive no longer muted by copyright claim (update)
  6. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 available today on PlayStation 4
  7. Here’s every announcement from the PlayStation Experience keynote

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