ABZÛ Review | Poetry In Motion


“A visually mesmerizing underwater exploration game which offers an immersive aquatic experience and a flawed narrative”.


  • Visuals, Art Style, and Color pallette.
  • Aquatic life rendering and animations.
  • Animal and underwater sounds
  • Decent score by Austin Wintory
  • Fluid Controls (Pun intended)


  • Semi-incoherent narrative
  • Camera control can be buggy at times

Final Thoughts

Disclaimer: I’m a sucker for games that display the beauty and wonder of God’s creation; nature. I’m especially fond of underwater games to boot, so when ABZU was first shown I was already on board… or anchored, you choose which terrible seafaring pun. Anyhow, this game was an absolute joy to play, and I actually did a complete “swim through” of the title which you can check out HERE if you want to see the game in action.

If you’re a fan of the ‘Endless Ocean’ series (as I am, especially the first game) on the Wii or ‘Aquanauts’ on the PS platforms then I can’t recommend this game enough. ABZU checks nearly all the boxes that make for a great underwater exploration game and it’s artstyle, colorful visuals, aquatic life animation, moving score and sound effects are more than enough to convince you of this game’s depth and immersion; even if the story doesn’t.

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