7 Days To Die Review | A Real Fixer-Upper

7 Days To Die

“Addicting gameplay and a fun premise make it easy to overlook the game’s glaring flaws and keep you coming back for more”.


  • Addicting crafting/survival gameplay
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Varied Environments
  • Wide variety of gameplay options
  • Massive gameplay depth and detail
  • Musical score and sound effects


  • Poor Visuals
  • Mediocre Sound Effects
  • Confusing Control Scheme
  • No real tutorial
  • Poor animations

Final Thoughts

At its core 7D2D is a zombie themed minecraft survival game which isn’t a bad thing. Despite the game being released in some stage of development between alpha and beta, it’s clear that The Fun Pimps has a game with a solid foundation and potential hit on it’s hands.

The question is if the game in it’s current state warrants its current price tag. To their credit, The Fun Pimps are releasing a steady stream of updates for the game but in my opinion they’ve pulled the trigger too soon on releasing the title in it’s current state. Much like the abandoned houses you’ll find throughout a level, this game is a real fixer-upper, but a fun and addicting one nonetheless.

At the end of the day I would’ve gladly paid double the asking price for a finished and completely polished version of the product. That being said it’s hard for me to recommend this game definitively one way or the other in it’s current state of development. Some will really enjoy this game while others will feel they’ve been “Pimp-slapped” by the titles underdeveloped state.

Simply stated: Your milage may vary.


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